Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pebble Beach

Yay, another FO! Doesn't the color remind you of pebbly sand? I did this cute sweater for my LYS, Renaissance Yarns in Kent. It's the Capri sweater from Rowan 43, done in Calmer. I love that stuff, this is my third, no, fourth project using Calmer. Talk about crack for knitters. It knits up like a dream, wears and washes well, sooooo comfy. Blah blah blah, right? Anyway, it just needs to be finished with these womping snaps. Kind of a quirky closure, but I think it'll look fun. Oh, and obviously my ends need to be woven in. There you go. So, now I can move on to my beige wonder, Juliet!


sil said...

That color reminds me of creme caramel, but maybe I'm just hungry! Most cute sweater - extremely wearable.

Susan said...

I just finished Capri, which I do love but am having trouble finding snaps to match (i.e. the brass ones they show in the picture). Can you suggest where to find them? Joann Fabrics didn't have them. Thanks!