Sunday, September 23, 2007


So, here are the first 3 and 1/4 pieces of my Dad's vest. See the weird little tailey thingey at the very top of the front piece? That's an extra bit of cabling that will eventually wrap around the back neck. I've started on the second front, hoping to burn through this. You know, this knit hasn't been bad or anything, I mean, the Classic Al has been fine to work with, and the gauge is big enough to cook along....hmmmm.......why am I qualifying? It's just that, apparently, knitting a plain dark blue man's vest isn't inspiring me. Yes, it's for my dad. Yes, it's the first man's garment I've done. Yes, it has a lovely motive sprinkled throughout....OK, go ahead, call me selfish. I want color. I want something.....stylish. I want....something for me?! Maybe I just want to get back to working on my enormous queue of knitting projects. And, as a tease, I've received a new book in the mail......

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to School

It's back to school time, if ya'll haven't noticed. At my house, this means it's been kind of a crazy, emotional week. For me, mind you. My "oldest" has just started first grade. First time going to a "big school", first time on a "big bus", first time away from home ALL day. How is it going? So far so good. I guess. I miss her, you know? Of course, I have my "youngest" at home with me still. He started preschool yesterday. First time away from home AT ALL. He did fantastic, of course. Me? Well, it seems quiet, yet busier, if that's possible. This whole getting to the bus on time, making lunches everyday, planning for homework, extra-curricular activies, etc. etc.

I feel like I've entered the school-age-kid-mommy club. Not sure how I feel about it. Of course, I had my eyebrows waxed yesterday without it being an act of Congress to organize a babysitter for a loust 15 minute treatment. So there. The dawn of a new age.

Knitting?? Duh, hopefully I'll be able to squeeze time in for that again soon......