Thursday, November 30, 2006

Technical difficulties

Say, have you ever had your hard drive crash? Suddenly? For no particular reason, with no particular warning? Yeah, me too. Replaced said hard drive, and gosh, all of my photos are, ahem, gone. Yes, I know, they should've been backed up somehow, burned to disc, etc. Guess what? Some of them were. Lots of them weren't. Guess I won't make that mistake again. So, as we reload stuff onto our computer, I'll need some time to get back into the loop, as it were.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Here she is, Miss Cutey-Pie. My first attempt at a knitted toy. My 6 y.o., on a LYS outing, picked out the book "Knitted Babes" by Claire Garland, and requested this little cutey. Aforementioned 6 y.o. rarely commits to wanting any knitting-type projects. She has a whole closet full of fabulous sweaters, but wears nary a one. So to fill this bizarre, DNA-driven maternal need to knit for my children, I agreed and knit up the dolly. I must say, it was fun to knit, and I even SEWED a dress for her, yes, uh huh, sewed. Better yet, my own little cutey-pie LOVES the doll!! Only downside? She is wondering when she gets "the brown doll, and the pink and red doll, and all her other friends?"

Monday, November 06, 2006

Next up

Here is the beginning of a sweater I started months ago.....a sort of "in between" project, meaning I work on it "in between" other things. Does that make sense? it is one of those projects that I don't have any real hurry to finish, so I work on it here and there between other things that I find more, um, exciting? Motivating? Nevertheless, a bit here and there adds up. I am doing this in Cascade 220, and the pattern is from Interweave Knits. It is sort of a modified gansey, and i actually really love the stitch pattern, it is called rice stitch, and it creates sort of a waffle-weave texture.