Monday, January 28, 2008

Short attention span?

Here are a few works in progress....seems like I am having trouble focusing on one thing at a time. In the back you'll see the Blue Sky alpacas snap tape cardigan. It just needs the collar and the dreaded snap tape applied. On the right is an experiment. I found some GGH Cumba at my LYS Renaissance yarns in a great fiery red color. The trouble is that the pattern in Rebecca mag I was thinking of using asks that the yarn be doubled. It's an alpaca blend, and to me that spells H-O-T. I was able to get gauge using the yarn single, probably because it is a stretchy stitch called "net stitch". Now that I've done that, though, I'm just not sure if it will drape the way I want it to. I'd like to avoid it being too, ahem, clingy. Finally, on the left side is my one FO. It's Jared Flood's Koolhaas hat from IK's holiday gift magazine. I made it out of Cascade Yarns Cash love love it!!

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