Monday, August 27, 2007

FO alert

Okay, drumroll please....I have two finished objects to show off.

OK, on the top is the first one. I finished this at the end of Spring, but am just now showing it off. This is Femme Fatale from Alchemy Yarns. I did it in Alchemy Haiku and edged it with their Bamboo yarn. I LOVE this sweater. It is light as air, but warm, and just flows. And the colors are divine. The only mods I made were shortening the total lenght by a couple of inches, and the length of the sleeves by...wait for it...3.5 inches!!! Mohair, as you all may or may not know, is notorious for stretching. So I way shortened the sleeves so that I didn't look like a gorilla after wearing it once or twice. Otherwise, I loved this knit. it was also my first time using Bryspun needles, which were great with the thin mohair/silk blend.

Next is the sort of "Fair Isle" number I've been working on from that Knit 2 Together book by Tracey Ullmann and Mel Clark. The photo is crap, I see now, my apologies for the Hub's picture taking. But hopefully you get the gist....don't know if I'll actually wear this thing or not, but it was a fun project. I had to block the you know what out of it, and it seems to have settled down...


Cathi said...

Eeee! I love them both! I think the vest looks awesome, and I love the pairing of the shirt with it- what are those collars called again?

Look at you, kicking butt! What is your next project?

Anonymous said...

You gotta wear the vest again! I love it and it looks great on you!