Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bonehead moment

Aargh. So I am merrily working away on the second front of the Lacey lattice cardi. And watching an old BBC video (Inspector Morse...I'm a sucker for those old BBC mystery movies.) I get to the armhole decreases and think to myself "wow, I am really cranking, here. Almost done with the second front... *chortle chortle*". My next thought is "hmmm, but something isn't, well, quite right. Maybe I should count...." Egads. While I'm merrily doing the waist increases, I glibly forgot to do the neckline decreases. And there are a lot of them. Every 4 rows 16 times, to be exact. (How did I not notice that I had, oh, about 20 extra stitches on my needle? And I was drinking tea instead of wine. In fact, maybe that was part of the problem.) Did I mention that the lacey lattice design is a 12 row repeat? 6 inches of ripping, my friends. 6 inches. Not only that, but don't you love trying to put all the stitches of a lace pattern back on the needle, without dropping yarn-overs, etc.

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