Monday, November 13, 2006


Here she is, Miss Cutey-Pie. My first attempt at a knitted toy. My 6 y.o., on a LYS outing, picked out the book "Knitted Babes" by Claire Garland, and requested this little cutey. Aforementioned 6 y.o. rarely commits to wanting any knitting-type projects. She has a whole closet full of fabulous sweaters, but wears nary a one. So to fill this bizarre, DNA-driven maternal need to knit for my children, I agreed and knit up the dolly. I must say, it was fun to knit, and I even SEWED a dress for her, yes, uh huh, sewed. Better yet, my own little cutey-pie LOVES the doll!! Only downside? She is wondering when she gets "the brown doll, and the pink and red doll, and all her other friends?"

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